Gary Burns, M.Ed.


I am a retired thirty-year veteran teacher of Cincinnati Public Schools, working the past ten years for the St. Paul schools, the University of Minnesota, and Eagle County (Colorado) schools.

My teaching in the inner-city brought first-hand knowledge to pre-service teachers attending my courses at the UofM. I developed and taught computer application courses at Cincinnati Public School’s Professional Growth Institute, the in-service teacher development department for the district.. for their own professional portfolios. I taught teacher graduate credit courses for the University of Cincinnati

As technology has changed and evolved, so has my in-service offerings, from MECC Writer to iWork; from HyperCard to Flash; from MacPaint to Photoshop; from QuickCam to iMovie; from FrontPage to Dreamweaver; and even Grade Manager to PowerSchool. I thoroughly enjoy working with teachers; being able to provide training on valuable tools they normally haven’t the time or resources to learn on their own. I always looked forward to the summer sessions when I taught veteran teachers, eager to learn new technologies, which they quickly adapted to their own teaching.

In addition to in-service training, I also tape, edit, and produce video productions for grant reports,  field trips, team projects, teacher evaluation and portfolios.


        SECIA assistance

        Projects with ECS, MPLS,
            SPPS, and the UofM

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