Lesson Plans for literacy IRA and NCTE joint venture

                                        Book lists for Young Adults by Young adults

Resources for Teachers compiled by IRA

    Areas of Interest:   
Adolescent Literacy
Beginning Readers
Children’s and YA Literature
Critical Literacy
English-Language Learners
History of Reading
Language and Cultural Diversity
Leadership and Coaching
NCLB and U.S. Policy
Response to Intervention (RTI)
Struggling Learners
Teacher Education
Urban Education

Secondary Math Resources by subject

Tips for Teaching for Teachers by NCTM

Secondary Science Resources from NSTA - National Science Teachers Association

Teaching resources from Scholastic Publishing

Scholastic resources for reading grades 9-12

Literacy resources grades 9-12

Book help - The Hunger Games

American Library Association Young Adult Library Services Association - part of ALA

Book lists for Young Adults from ALA

Random House - resources for teachers

Random House teachers guides for books - 9-12

Random House teachers guides for book - middle school

Resources from the National Writing Project

        *  Audience
        * Diversity/Equity
        * English Language Learners
        * Genre
              o Academic Writing
              o Drama
              o Essay
              o Fiction
              o General
              o Nonfiction
              o Personal Writing
              o Persuasive Writing
              o Poetry
        * Grammar and Usage
        * Responding to Writing
        * Rural Education
        * Special Needs
        * Style and Rhetoric
        * Urban Education
        * Writing across the Curriculum
        * Writing and Literature
        * Writing and Technology
        * Writing in the Community
        * Writing Processes
              o General
              o Collaborative Writing
              o Prewriting
              o Revision
              o Publishing
        * Writing Prompts
        * Research on Teaching Writing
        * General Resources on Teaching Writing
Teacher Resource and Inquiry from the National Writing Project

Supporting Good Writing Instruction - NWP

Writing together - NWP

Writing and Reading - NWP,Resource_Type:Informal%20Lesson%20Article,Resource_Type:Unit%20Plan),Resource_Type:Informal%20Lesson%20Article,Resource_Type:Unit%20Plan)&T=C&N=673+370&isBrowse=Y,Resource_Type:Informal%20Lesson%20Article,Resource_Type:Unit%20Plan)&T=C&N=673+376&isBrowse=Y