"Gone but not forgotten!"

Examples of past projects and productions are stored here for reference and reflection.



Video productions

Arlington High School (2003-2004) Inspired by a University of Southern Illinois River Project and funded in part by a Toyota Tapestry grant, St. Paul Public Schools' Arlington High School House 42-B teachers demonstrate how four teachers can function as a team to create interdisciplinary lessons and field trips with Minnehaha Falls and the Mississippi River as their central theme.

Minnehaha Falls trips St. Paul's AHS Rivers Project report video. This is the minute-long Project Trailer

Winter Celebration A return to Minnehaha Falls in December [1:43]

Power to Flour Intro to the April tour of the Mill City museum [0:30]

On the River Wrapping up their interdisciplinary study of the river, Arlington students travel up and down the Mississippi River on the "Betty Northrup" and "Ugh the Tug" in this Intro trailer. [1:04]

Harding High School (2003-2004) MESA Project

Into the Woods Intro of Harding High Teachers going to the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge for a January collaboration workshop [1:00]

Eagle County Schools

Eagle County Schools Tentative website design (2005-2006)

EdHD 5007

is a P-12 Professional Education Program course designed to help pre-service teachers become more knowledgeable and comfortable in the use of current technology in education. With its “hands-on” approach, this foundations course involved both an inquiry into how technology might best be employed and requires reflection on its effect on meaningful learning. By exploring ways technology can be used to support and encourage the diversity of students encountered in classrooms. This is the 2005 edition of the site, so some links may no longer be active.