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I’ve worked on a lot of change innovations over the last several years and recently  have had the opportunity to build on theory and past experience that we hope will be a greater help for teachers.  If I’d had a nickel for every time a teacher asked me what a benchmark looked like then add to that the question of what a learning objective (like narrative writing) should look like at a given grade level, I’d be retired in style - regardless of the current economy!  So right now I am building a core of grade level benchmarks in literacy - reading, speaking, writing, and media - and am working on an outline for a book for teachers.  If  teachers had a book that explained benchmarks AND the theory - practically defined - behind the objectives and standards, then accompany the book with a three-ring binder of lesson plans synced to benchmarks and levels of proficiencies, would that help teachers - help students - gain proficiency in standards?  I think so and that’s what is in the works.  Add to that a scope and sequence for computer skills with technology benchmarks for students and you have an idea of what we have in mind.

I invite you to browse through the side icons on the home page. You will find courses and workshops we have done as well as web resources for teachers to use in their own classrooms.  I get lots of “What do I do now.....” emails and am always open to new questions.  Let me hear from you!



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